Theatre Practitioner


I trained at MMU School of Theatre and graduated in 2008. I increasingly look at creating work that is immersive and intimate. I have pursued additional training in Physical Theatre, Singing (Grade 5) Clowning, Stage combat and Shakespeare.

Previous projects include Bear Hunt, Chocolate Cake and Bad things with Z-Arts, Manchester, Six Million Stars with my own company Folka Theatre and touring schools in North West Germany with White Horse Theatre.

I like to tell stories to children and adults a like with as much of a sense of autonomy as possible. Blending singing into the stories helps refresh the listeners ears.


I have written  various plays with either specific audiences in mind or for a specific group of performers. I am focused on narrative driven theatre productions that incorporate  different  performance elements.

I have worked with a community group, writing a play around the theme of Motherhood for them to put on. I wrote Six Million Stars, for my own company and  Pantsomime, a farce.

I  write retellings of traditional folk stories from around the world alongside writing new stories, spoken word and songs.



I enjoy facilitating others in their creativity and have worked on both professional and community productions. I love the challenge of lifting text off a page and finding each performers unique way of working.

Previous work includes Bobby with Just Add Water Theatre Company, Playhouse Creatures at Davenham Players’ Theatre in Cheshire and Hairy, Scary and Fairy, a selection on short stories from around the world. I also have work as a movement and voice director on A Midsummer Night’s Dream.