I trained as an Actor at Manchester Metropolitan University over ten years ago. This last decade has given me the opportunity to explore the actors relationship with the audience. I increasingly want to work in a way where there is no boundary between myself the performer and the audience. I also wanted to make work instantly accessible and community focused. Storytelling seemed like a natural path to take. I love the instant bond that I have with an audience and the simplistic nature of the storyteller. I love the fact it is portable and you can take it anywhere. I love the fact it is steeped deep in our history of humanity, much deeper than that of the written word. Storytelling is a wonderful vessel for creating an equal platform for sharing and that is the world that I want to inhabit. One that is open, respectful and tolerant. So whether you are young or old or that place in between, whether you’re figuring out what you want to be when you grow up or if you’re living the dream and whether you can speak or hear or see, storytelling is for you.

I regularly work with Manchester Art Gallery and Z- Arts.

I have worked with libraries, festivals, art galleries, museums, local councils and numerous schools nationally and internationally. I am a member of the Society of Storytellers.