Nook and Cranny

Professors Nook and Cranny are curious. They want to find the formula in the fable, the alchemy in the allegory, and test tales.

Incorporating drama, history, arts and crafts and literacy skills, the professors unpick and demystify the act of storytelling, making it an act for all.

A usual session with them includes a 15 minute performed story followed by a 45 minute storytelling workshop.

Additional extras include an Arts and Craft workshop, poetry build session and a dance class.

Perfect for schools, libraries, festivals and family focused events!

Current Studies:

The Expedition – Family Festivals

Professors Nook and Cranny are looking for answers. They want to crack the formula of the perfect stories. They have dissected tales in their lab, but now they are on an expedition, from here to there to solve the mysteries and patterns of spinning a good yarn. Families are invited to come on their quest, and make their own discoveries in the world of story telling.

  • Musicians of Bremen
  • The Three Sillies
  • The Tale of Dick Turpin

Festival friendly, this pop-up piece can adapt to surroundings and audiences. The running time is 45 minutes and can be repeated up to three times a day. It can be taken for a walkabout as promenade characters, or fill a tent, nook or cranny (hehe- see what we did there)!


The Discovery – KS2

This collection of stories takes a different folk tale from the six different continents of our world. Antartica is left out as there is no indigenous people/inhabitants in which oral storytelling could be passed on. Children explore the traditions and cultures accompanying each of the stories.

  • The Red Shoes (Europe)
  • Yuuki and the Tsunami (Asia)
  • Why the Hen Pecks (Africa)
  • Strong Wind (North America)
  • The Myth of the Condor (South America)
  • Kupe and the Giant Wheke (Australasia)

Each story lasts 15 and comes with an accompanying 45 minute storyteller workshop, ideally suit to a class of 30. This collection is perfect for family events at libraries, museums and school halls. An exciting trip around the world for Key Stage 2 with one story teller.

Additional options are: a second storyteller, an arts and crafts session making masks or puppets or a music workshop covering traditional folk songs.

The Zoologist – EYFS & KS1

Professors Nook or Cranny help the little’uns explore what it is to tell stories and create characters. Cranny likes nothing better then getting outdoors and learning about nature. From Big Cats to Caterpillars and Bears to Bees, there is always something to discover about world we live in. These interactive workshops incorporate movement skills, singing, puppetry and are great fun!

Popular stories that Cranny likes to explore are:

  • The Hungry Caterpillar
  • We’re Going on a Bear Hunt
  • Squash and a Squeeze
  • Grimm Tales

The entire session lasts 45 minutes, with a 15 minute story and accompanying 30 minute workshop. Its a fun and friendly session for 15 children at a time. These sessions come with a lesson plan for craft activities to put in place after the visit.

We have performed in Libraries, School halls, Classrooms, Tents, Barns and in the great outdoors, specialising in audiences aged 3-11. Last year we performed at Rustic Music Festival, Tatton Park and ClownFest.

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