Listen in…

Here you can read and listen and to a selection of pieces, that I have written:


Together started life as a challenge. To write a poem a day for 42 days that could be enjoyed by families. Something for everyone mum, dad, grandparents and children. It was written in Autumn of 2020 and published in 2021. You can buy a copy here.


‘ She was 6
when they died,
one hundred years ago.
The same age as
my daughter now.’

Felicity is trying to understand what came before. Her children play in the next room and she wants to give them roots. She travels back in time to explore her family history connected with Music Hall, Early Cinema and the 1918 Influenza Pandemic. A story told with song about family, history and why we should ask while we can.

Wild Wonder

This collection was written and recorded with family audiences in mind. It was produced under Stitch, you can discover more stories from this collection here.


Motherhood started life as a series of creative writing workshops with Davenham Theatre. From the stories shared at this workshop, I wrote Motherhood a full length play that explores caring, mothers, dementia, maternal mental health, the role of women and how it has changed.

The Box

The Box collection is for adult audiences. It explore the things that women are up against by looking at female characters in traditional tales and folklore from around the world

(Not So) Little Red Riding Hood

 (Not So) Little Red Riding Hood  is a modern retelling of the classic Grimm tale. Listening age 14+


Itzapapalotl is an Aztec Goddess who ruled over Tamoanchan. The Aztec’s believed Tamoanchan was where humans were created and is now a paradise or heaven for victims of infant mortality. Please note that the language may offend and is suitable for audiences 15+.